Hi! My name is Luc Leon and I’m 10 years old! I study all types of magic but card tricks and close-up street magic are my favorite. I will come to any event (wedding, birthday party, dinner party, bar mitzvah, senior center, school, etc) and perform for you and your guests. I have a rolling cart I can move around the room performing close up tricks or I can set up at a table for your guests to visit and be a part of my close-up magic. I prefer small groups who can participate in the action. I’m not doing large stage performances just yet.

I am based in Orange County, California but my folks will take me anywhere in SoCal to perform. (They are my biggest fans and supporters!)

My goal is to become a member of the famed Magic Castle in Los Angeles when I turn 13. I’m working towards performing on America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller!

Please reach out with any questions and I look forward to performing for you!

Luc preforming at Magic Castle in Los Angeles

Check out a few of my tricks…

Upcoming Performances

Performing Every Saturday

6:00pm – 10:00pm

Past Performances

Holiday Party La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts

Luc arrives on the scene ready to spread his own brand of magic.

Luc never fails to capture a crowd’s attention.

Watch Luc turn heads when he reveals the Prestige of his close-up magic trick.

Luc always works the crowd with a little personal attention as he moves his cart of magic across the room.

Luc isn’t shy about sharing his magic tricks — he’ll entertain across the generations!

Holiday Party Private Party

Family gatherings are more fun with a little magic!

Young and old can’t resist Luc’s charm as he amazes the whole crowd.

Let Luc take over the entertaining at your next holiday party.

Turn off the TV and turn on the magic! Luc helps make memories.

Something the whole family can agree on — Luc is an amazing ten-year-old magician!

Everybody loves Luc’s close-up magic.

Holiday Party Brookdale Grand Terrace: Senior Living Solutions

Luc brings a little magic to the holiday party for the residents at this senior center.

Luc loves pulling up his cart of magic and performing his tricks right in front of his audience.

Nothing brightens up a holiday party like a little one-on-one time with a ten-year-old magician.

No bad seats in the house when our magician makes his rounds and entertains the room table by table.

As the spectators look on Luc dazzles with his sleight of hand.

Luc captivates the room with his close-up magic.

Santa Ana Art Walk 4th Street Market

How does Luc handle a room full of hungry diners? One guest at a time!

Even with some close inspection you won’t be able to see through Luc’s tricks! How does he do that?!

When Luc performs at 4th Street Market, the magic is good but the best thing is you don’t have to stop eating.

A group of kids and young adults look on as Luc performs his tricks.

Coming right to the table with his magic cart, Luc puts the “close-up” in close-up magic.

People in the crowd can’t help but look as Luc draws the attention of everyone nearby.

Maybe the real magic here is Luc getting this group of full-grown adults to look so silly.

The greatest magician of our generation? Only time will tell…

Working one-on-one with small groups is Luc’s favorite way to perform.

Check out this mezmerized crowd and wait ’till the end
to see how they react!

… And the crowd goes wild!

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Luc’s theme song